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vintage Beni Mguild rug.

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Material : wool

Dimensions: 280 x 160 cm

Good condition

The Beni M’Guild rugs are colorful pieces in 100% pure wool
With distinguished tribal designs unique to each weaver. The colors were created from vegetable dye or using yarns from recycled colored cotton materials. You will never be able to find 2 identical authentic rugs and each rug is a unique work of art.

Made by Berber women in the Atlas mountains of Morocco with care and love, out of their imagination, these women bring their imagination and love to these rugs.

he process starts by sourcing the best quality wool and hand spinning it. Then the wool is dyed with natural products before being woven into designs. Afterward the rug is trimmed, washed, and sun-dried in the mountains. The entire process is done by hand. No part of the rug is machine made, and no automated tools like tufting guns are used. Our weaver partners have been making authentic rugs for generations, and we ensure the highest quality of wool is used, which makes our rugs softer in texture and greater in lustre.

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